Expensive Antique Carpets
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                                      Expensive antique carpets
Speaking of carpets, many friends tend to think it is the home decorations and real products, not knowing that, in the international market, the carpet is not only important decorations, it is a reflection of personal taste of art. Each piece of elegant luxury carpets have condensed the craftsmen who Meditation, fashion, elegance rolled into one, in a small space to display the owner's full of inspiration and creativity, has become the new aristocracy collectors, known as "trample on the soft gold."
Auction prices continue to rise
From the nearly 10 years since the auction of the international and domestic market, the artistic value and investment value by the majority of the carpet has been getting the attention of collectors and investors, the price is also showing a rising trend, showing strong potential.
Only our antique rugs as an example: in 1996, at the China Guardian auction, Late Qing Dynasty admiral Ningxia weave pattern carpet, woven bottle early Republic Baotou eight auspicious flower pattern carpet, woven floral pattern Ningxia late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China Qinghai woven carpets Tibetan carpets respectively 110 000, 30 800, 19 800 and 16 500 Transaction; 1997 in Beijing Hanhai auction, six 18th century Ningxia carpet all transactions, and in addition to a floral carpet transaction price was 9.9 ten thousand, the remaining five dragon hold column carpet transaction prices were between 121,000 to 165,000; the 21st century, the price of the carpet auction is sharply higher, in 2003 Christie's Hong Kong and Beijing Hanhai auction, a pieces of Qing Emperor Qianlong dragon Queen velvet carpets and a Qing Dynasty royal velvet carpet Ruyi respectively 770,620 and 750,000 high turnover; in 2006, the Oriental Museum at auction, a rare mid Qing Dynasty silk carpet is to 2.2 million of the transaction price chasing.
In the international auction market, carpet astronomical turnover is not uncommon, and formed a certain scale of fixed collection of investment groups. Data show, antique Persian carpets can shoot to one million US dollars, handmade carpets in Afghanistan can take hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though contemporary handmade rugs, if the pattern is exquisite, delicate hand, can also be sold for tens of thousands of dollars, thereby displaying a carpet unique charm collection and investment.
Appreciation of the four factors
Era. According to consistent understanding of the current international collectors, the core collection and investment carpets are antique carpets that handmade carpets dating back more than a century, rather than the modern mechanisms blanket.
Materials. The main material includes three kinds of antique carpets. First, natural wool. More use of old carpet weaving is pure wool, wool is very soft and elastic. Second hand spinning. Craftsmen manufactured using simple tools themselves spun cotton cord, the machine can not be spun short section of thin cashmere spun into thread, with its carpet made not only durable, strong, resilient, but also beautiful. Third silk. There are flashes of color due to the wire, so the carpet with silk preparation, not only light texture, and very dazzling, looking in different directions have a different color.
Staining. Ancient carpet dyeing rely on natural pigments. Dyed wool colors rely mainly on plant color, a small part is extracted from minerals, which are part of the plant dye staining is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine materials, dyed bright pure colors, soft colors. And its biggest advantage is not to hurt the hair quality, durable. These dyes are now many have become valuable Chinese herbal medicine materials and high-grade painting dyes, such as saffron, fine packaging of a product price has reached 1000-2000 US dollars a kilogram, if we use saffron to produce carpets its price can be imagined a.
Concern boutique
Ningxia carpet: Identity noble tribute. As early as the Western Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago, with the introduction of Buddhism, the Tibetan people with ox hair, wool pad Buddha, and later made into blankets used to form the embryonic state of the carpet industry. Tang and Song dynasties, its production method and gradually spread to the mainland, have gradually improved weaving techniques improved, but because at that time the carpet for royalty court, bureaucrats nobles, and all are handmade, production development is very slow. Of course, this also determines their high value for collection. Among these, Ningxia carpet called leader. Ningxia carpets can be divided into two categories, one is the temple with a blanket, a class is a tribute and royal gifts with a blanket. Ningxia carpet nobility is not too much to describe, in Chinese antique rug is unique. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Ningxia carpet high due to the use of cashmere wool, the "carpet" said. Unique Ningxia carpet color, the main color of turmeric, Tibetan red, etc., are all plant dyeing. Ningxia carpet for high society at the time was used, due to its distinguished position, only with the skill of the craftsmen are allowed to make, extraordinary natural value of the collection.
Antique carpets produced in the distance today, two thousand years ago, to the seventeenth century, when the Ming and Qing Chinese carpet has been tremendous development, production technology has reached unprecedented levels, to the late 1800s, China's hand-flocked carpet reached a heyday. In the 19th century later, with the industrialization of machinery and raw materials into China, Chinese carpets produced great changes occurred gradually lost its original style, so only 100 years ago in the production of carpets before they can be called Chinese antique carpets .
Antique rugs can be described as high-end luxury goods, antique stained carpet because of its high quality and unique technology, witnessed its collection and use value. In some high-income consumers, many of them antique rugs as upscale modern home decorations. In many of the world famous museums, academic institutions have a collection of antique Chinese carpets, and conducted special studies. Because Chinese antique carpets production of raw materials and processes and the limited number of surviving extinction, as well as in-depth study over time, becoming more and more Chinese antique carpets have collectible value.
Antique carpets Dress modern home, luxury upscale decorative textiles, antique stained carpet because of its high quality and unique technology, witnessed its collection and use value. Pay attention to the modern home with accessories to enhance the taste, improve grades, antique carpets as ancient cultural heritage, its culture and its own unique artistic value, to beautify their homes, reflecting the decor played a finishing touch. An antique, exquisite designs, excellent texture antique rug can make home richer culture. Many embassies in Beijing, luxury hotels, a hotel and some of the "Jinling persons" home, antique carpets as upscale modern home decorations, are becoming increasingly popular.

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