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                           British development of new carpet perceived falls among the elderly
With the deepening of the degree of aging of society, the elderly and the situation at home alone falls lead to serious consequences, more and more British researchers have developed a new type of carpet that end, people can perceive the difference between normal walking and fall, once someone above the falls, it can give timely warning.
Manchester University in England, said the notice issued on the 4th school researchers developed this carpet fiber is installed in many, if someone stepped on the carpet, the optical signal transmitted by the optical fiber pressure parts will change, these optical signals will be installed in the rear part of the carpet edge electronic devices to sense and transmit to the computer, the computer analysis can determine the activities of persons on the carpet, to distinguish what is normal walking, which is a sudden fall.
Researchers at an academic conference held on the same day show the system, according to reports, the installation of this system is not complicated, if the room has carpet, then it can be mounted directly below the existing carpet, does not occupy additional space.
Professor Chris Todd conducted the study, said, falls among the elderly is now an increasingly aging society serious problem, every year more than a third of the elderly have experienced a fall in the concentration of a nursing home for the elderly with limited mobility, etc. institutions, the situation is even more frequent falls, this rug can be issued immediately alerts when someone falls, let paramedics rushed to the scene.
In addition to alerts issued directly fall in peacetime, these rugs feature can be used to gather pace when walking people, and correlation analysis, which will help observe the changes in the pace of the elderly in order to expand the analysis of their physical condition. In addition, this rug can perceive changes in the environment such as fire and issued the alert.

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