Hot Selling Carpet - Carpet Pointing
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Hot Selling carpet - carpet pointing to Mecca


Compass and carpets of the two things are total

Hot Selling carpet - carpet pointing to Mecca
Compass and carpets of the two things are totally unrelated, a businessman can combine them in Belgium yet designed a new type of carpet, which made a lot of money.

In Arab countries, devout Muslims pray daily, whether at home, traveling, have stopped working punctuality. Muslim prayer is a major feature of prayer must face Mecca. Which if carried out at home, but also relatively easy to handle. But once travel, people generally have to take a small piece of carpet to kneel down and pray, but also to bother looking for direction, which is very troublesome.

Vandeweghe named after a Belgian carpet dealer understands this situation, he will slightly modified --- compass pointing north south but is not directed at the holy city of Mecca, and subtly embedded in the carpet. As a result, no matter where Muslims, just find a place to put the carpet covered, you can face Mecca immediately began to pray. New products launched in the Arab region, and immediately became popular.

Vandeweghe did not meet success has been achieved in Africa have leaders launched a woven tapestry avatar small. Because he found in the organs of the African countries where the heads of state always want to hang pictures. Since the hot and humid climate, photos prone to yellowing deformation, such as the composition according to the leader tapestry photo, then both beautiful and durable. Arafat made his head out of the tapestry, the Arab countries had sold 30,000.

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