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Chinese carpet trends, focusing on differences in development

China mechanisms carpet industry started in the mid
Chinese carpet trends, focusing on differences in development
China mechanisms carpet industry started in the mid-1980s, the domestic carpet business in 1985 pioneered the introduction of tufted carpets equipment, opened a Chinese mechanism carpet industry precedent. 20 years, China's reform and opening mechanism for the carpet industry of China and synchronization to achieve a rapid development, the main features are:
First, expanding domestic total of Carpets equipment more than 500 sets of equipment, production capacity is growing. 2005, China Carpets (excluding acupuncture carpet) total more than 100 million total m2, an increase of about 20 percent over 2004. Nearly 10 years (1996 ~ 2005) China Carpets average yield increase of about 15 percent per year, nearly 5 years (2000 ~ 2004) China Carpets total average increase of 20.11% per annum. Tufted carpets where the average annual increase of nearly 10 years, 10.43%, nearly five years an annual average increase of 13%; woven carpets past 10 years an annual average increase of 29.32%, nearly five years an annual average increase of 38.12%; pieces of carpet near 5-year average increasing 136.58 percent per annum.
China mechanisms for rapid expansion of the size of the carpet industry there are three reasons: on the one hand, the existing mechanisms for the carpet industry's leading companies continue to expand the scale, sustained and rapid development, part of the backbone enterprises to grow steadily. Second, part of the mechanism of handmade carpets began to shift to the carpet. Now more than a dozen companies began to go hand handmade carpets, machine both road and into a larger-scale enterprises; and third, along with China's accession to WTO, some foreign companies have begun to enter the Chinese carpet carpet market. Some foreign-owned enterprises such as Egypt Oriental weaving Co., Ltd. has been the root Levin green carpet baodi settled in Tianjin, and the future of production scale are large, it is reported the largest international carpet manufacturer also prepared stationed in China, when the Chinese carpet industry will face a re shuffle.
Second, the product mix improved. In contrast, the Chinese carpet industry is relatively decentralized mechanism, there is no large-scale foreign carpet companies, but the product type and colorful. Currently, covers Axminster carpets, Wilton carpets, tufted carpets, carpet tiles, printed carpets, car carpets and other products, in terms of the process, or from the raw materials, high affordable products readily available.
Third, the quality continues to increase. Chinese high-end carpet products meet international standards. More than a dozen companies received the New Zealand Wool Board certification, but flowers and INVISTA, Honeywell, Solutia, Toray, 3M and others formed a long-term good relations of cooperation.
 Fourth, independent research and development capacity enhancement. Enterprises attach great importance to improve the capability of independent research and development, and protection of intellectual property rights. By means of international exchange and cooperation with universities, from product development to the level of graphic design has been greatly improved.
Future Chinese rug market
In recent years, Chinese tourism and hotel industry and line of defense industry is developing rapidly, carpet market with more than 20% of the rate of growth. Estimated that in the coming years, Chinese carpets growth momentum remains strong. Especially the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games held in 2012, and the construction of Shanghai CBD's major cities continued growth of commercial carpet market will bring strong support to China on the mechanism of the carpet industry will enter history the fastest growing period.
Development of the domestic real estate industry, will promote the development of China's domestic carpet market. Carpets with its warm, comfortable decorative effect by consumers. In the US market accounted for 53% of household carpet, commercial carpet market accounted for 47%, and the share of commercial carpet downward trend; the Canadian market for household carpet carpet floor coverings market market accounted for 45 to 50 percent. Important part of the Chinese market as the world's carpet carpet market, residential carpet market share is very low. According to authoritative forecasts, the next 10 years of the construction area will be an annual increase rate of 10 billion square meters. There optimistic forecasts that in the next twenty to thirty years, the construction industry will continue to grow at a rate above 10%. Currently, real estate has become one of the three pillar industries of China's economy, the domestic market implies unprecedented opportunities. We believe that with the improvement of Chinese living environment and living standards improve, the potential of China's domestic carpet market will be gradually developed, and thus to the development of the carpet industry plays a pivotal role.
Chinese rug market this big cake, exudes the same for domestic and foreign enterprises seductive charm. With the development of mechanisms for the carpet industry in China, an increase of Chinese imports also showed a carpet year after year growth trend. Chinese carpet imports in 2005 amounted to 9.8 million square meters, amounting to $ 62,390,000, an increase of 6%, the average price has increased by 14 percent, the top three importing countries are South Korea, Japan and the United States.
The next few years, China rug market competition will become more intense, but it will be more orderly. More and more companies will be out of the price war of misunderstanding, embarked on quality, brand competition on the road. Meanwhile, the carpet market segmentation was evident. Each rug companies will pay more attention to differences in development, will be more targeted to develop their own marketing strategy.

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