How to choose carpet
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How to choose carpet

First, pick a color:

According to the laying of the main sites and their hobby

How to choose carpet
First, pick a color:
According to the laying of the main sites and their hobby choice. Carpet pattern color, according to different process costs, the whole pattern, four consecutive large patterns and small patterns and plain carpets and other differences. According to the general practice recommends the following schedule:
Study, you should choose the color of fresh and elegant, refined style pattern there;
Living room, large flowers should be selected, smooth lines and carpet patterns, can create a visual effect open. For ease of replacement, also choose pieces of carpet.
Bedroom, should choose smaller flowers, with the right mix of carpet patterns. Visual quiet, warm, while the color you want to consider the overall coordination and furniture.
Restaurant, you should consider the frequency of contaminated carpet will, as is often the beverage, food and other dirt. Numerous small multicolor patterns have to hide dirt effect. Of course, for a slightly larger heighten the atmosphere festive banquet hall, also often used in large colorful pattern carpet.

Second, pick the material:
Wool carpets: soft, fluffy and resilient, stampede feel comfortable, and sit affordable. Woven wool carpets are high-grade carpet, wool as well as flame retardant, less static performance, easy to create a safe, elegant and comfortable environment.
Carpet: Carpet is usually filed more than that low-grade, it is not. Good Carpet For example, some more expensive than nylon, wool, and of course higher than polypropylene. In particular, flame retardant, anti-static, stain-resistant nylon carpet is carpeting in the top grade. Also nylon carpet, and look at the production process, in general, relatively tufted carpets woven carpets, tuft of fine, rich patterns delicate colors, the price is higher than the tufted carpet woven carpet. Similarly, the same material polypropylene carpet, woven carpet prices above tufted carpet.

Third, pick quality
a, see resilience: This is mainly reflected carpet comfort, the average consumer will be available in an easy way to fold the carpet back to back to see if the exposed backing, generally the greater the density the more difficult to expose backing. The denser the elastic better, but also more durable.
b, see color fastness: repeated friction force with the palm carpet carpet or wipe with a damp paper cloth, paper towel to see if the palms and staining, staining poor color fastness serious explanation.
c, look at the label: National Carpet labeling standards, in addition to product names, trademarks, but also indicate the name of the fiber content, pile weight per unit area (tuft quality heavier the better) and special performance and other important information on the blanket group . By labeling allows consumers to understand shopping. To help consumers identify, newly revised woven and tufted carpets national standard requires that every 50 grams a model. ) For example: the pile mass 850 g / m is 850. The higher models, the heavier the carpet surface fibers, the more comfortable and durable. This enables consumers at a glance, Lunjia.
d, depending on the occasion of the laying, carpet choose a different production process, such as the stampede to choose a place frequently wear loop carpet, or high pile mass per unit area, the density of the larger cut-pile carpeting, and sparse tuft the carpeting stampede for a long time can cause changes in the pattern and the pile lodging.
e, the same kind of process the same raw materials, high knot density velvet carpet, or pile weight (g / m2) large carpet, its features, the price is higher.
f, the same pile of raw materials, different cashmere yarn process, such as ply-twisted yarn spun deformation yarn cashmere yarn made carpets, their prices are higher than the general texturized yarn length velvet carpet.
g, some carpet special additional properties (such as anti-static, anti-fouling, flame retardant, easy to clean, etc.) fiber or carpet pile yarn after special performance processing (such as water and oil pollution, etc.) and have high added value , its price will rise.

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