Nylon Printing Carpet BTNYG2104
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Nylon Printing Carpet BTNYG2104
1. Smooth, comfortable, soft surface,high standard fireproof,high class color fastness
2. We can make different pile weight from 630grm,650gram,700gram,800gram,850gram,
900gram,1000gram,1200gram or different pile weight according to your requirement
3. International standard
4. Roll with PP wrapped bag
5. Max 16 colors,8color group set 16colors per set
6.The thickness we can make from 5MM,6MM,7MM,8MM,10MM,12MM,14MM,16MM,18MM
7.We don’t like other factory has minimum quantity limitation to nylon printing carpet,we can make any small quantity for your trial order
8.4Meter width,other width can be acceptable
9.Better brand Nylon Printing Carpet
10. Widelly used in hotel, public area,casino,restaurant,conference room,meeting room,banquet,
corridor and other public place


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